Brandeis Organizations & Competitions

Organizations and competitions promoting innovation

Pitch Summit

Organized by The Asper Center for Global Entrepreneurship which serves as Brandeis International Business School's platform to examine and understand the key trends affecting entrepreneurship across cultures and borders.

Heller Startup Challenge

The Heller Startup Challenge is a weekend long startup incubator where students form teams to develop and pitch their idea for a social impact venture.


Spark offers aspiring change-makers at Brandeis the support they need to turn their vision into reality.


The Sprout program awards $100,000 a year across several projects with commercial potential.


DeisHack isn’t your typical hackathon. We pair hackers with local nonprofits to build real-world solutions.


BETA's mission is to inspire new start-ups across campus, support early-stage founders, and help individuals find meaningful opportunities to succeed in their fields of interest